Protect Your Home and Increasing Its Energy Efficiency

Cedar Max_3.tifProtecting your home and increasing its energy efficiency has never been so simple.

Just turn to Hallmark Distributors, Inc. (HDI), which for more than 20 years has been helping residents of the Panhandle save money by installing vinyl siding, soffit, and fascia products that are easy to maintain, protect and beautify the home.

Whether remodeling or building a new home, HDI has you covered. And the No. 1 company for exterior home upgrades has the No. 1 recommended vinyl siding on the market in CedarMAX. But what makes CedarMAX, a complete thermal cladding system that is recognized as a form of continuous insulation, so revolutionary?

CedarMAX features the finest high-grade raw materials, tri-pigment reflective technology, a weather barrier shield with SPX-2000 UV blocker and a color-keeper anti-fade protection. It’s manufactured by integrating super polymer formulated vinyl siding with rigid foam insulation, a marriage that mixes beauty, durability and sustainability. The super polymer siding is durable in the fact that it resists fading, chalking, cracking, peeling, and thermal expansion and contraction.

As an added bonus, you will also get improved energy efficiency that can help cut down on air conditioning bills in the summer and heating bills in the winter.

While the exterior walls in most homes have insulation in between the studs to help with energy efficiency, the studs and framing lumber themselves account for up to 25 percent of every wall and can allow for significant energy loss. CedarMAX insulated vinyl siding blankets the studs of the home, which helps to decrease thermal bridging, increase airtightness, and fight energy loss by increasing the overall R-value.

Aesthetically,CedarMAX is engineered with a strong, rigid foam backing that can bridge the subtle bows and dips that are present on almost every wall. This enables longer, straighter panels and an increased curb appeal.

Unlike conventional hollow siding, which uses a flat nailing hem that can make siding vulnerable to high winds, CedarMAX features a cyclonic locking system that gives a solid foundation of support against winds up to 227 miles per hour, rain, hail and the wear and tear of most of life’s nicks. Whether you prefer single lap, double lap or triple Dutchlap siding, CedarMAX is available in 20 colors and provides the best overall value compared to other siding types.

Simply put, increasing the worth of your home is just as much about the outside as the inside aesthetics.

With years of experience and many satisfied customers, Hallmark Distributors knows what matters most when it comes to siding, replacement windows and gutter systems. From helping you choose the type of siding and what color combinations will look best, HDI will ensure that your home’s siding installation is a smooth process.

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