Outdoor Enclosures

Home Exterior Improvement - Pool

One of the benefits that homeowners often overlook is the beautiful outdoor living space that Florida has to offer.

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Hallmark Distributors offers a wide range of exterior home improvements that open up new ways for homeowners to enjoy the beautiful weather in our area. With a long-standing history and commitment to the Florida Panhandle, HDI offers a wide range of affordable solutions that are customizable and designed to meet the individual needs of you and your family.

From Awnings to Sun Rooms and everything in between, HDI has the expertise, experience and products that allow you to upgrade your existing home exterior without breaking the bank.

Sunroom/ Florida Room

Sunrooms are the cost-effective alternative to an expensive traditional addition. Fully climate controlled, sunrooms give you a versatile space that is easy to maintain. Our affordable sunrooms are custom designed and will enhance the value and add to the curb appeal of your home.

HDI Sun Room

Pool Enclosure

A high-quality pool enclosure reduces the time spent maintaining the pool by keeping out debris and reducing chemical use due to solar loss. Safety and liability are the two main reasons HDI’s clients choose to install secured pool enclosures. Add a layer of protection from harmful UV Rays all while keeping out wild animals, insects, … and your nosey neighbors!  It’s time to enjoy your pool in peace!

HDI Pool Enclosure

Glass Patio Enclosure

Extend your home’s living space at a fraction of the cost of traditional add-ons with HDI’s glass patio enclosures. HDI’s seasoned professionals can help design a fully climate-controlled patio enclosure that meets your needs and is suitable for year-round access.

Glass Patio Enclosure


Protect your car from the elements and add life to your car. High temperatures and UV Rays can destroy the car’s battery, add stress to the tires and fluids, and destroy the paint. Carports offer convenient and versatile additional sheltered storage space.

HDI Carport

Screen Room / Screen Under

Screen rooms offer an economical way to expand your living space. HDI’s screen rooms provide protection from pesky bugs, while creating a versatile outdoor space to take in the beautiful Florida weather.

HDI Screen Room